Business automation software.

Reduce costs, delight customers and scale your business.

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Every company is unique, your toolset should be too.


B2B and B2C online ordering, order progress tracking and reporting. Realtime reporting. Customer portals.

Sales & pricing

Management of complex pricing structures, lead capture, quoting, nurturing, scoring, etc.


Requisition approval, order fullfillment, etc. Audit trails and reporting.


Automated billing. Reduce manual data capture. Financial systems integration. Customer portals.

Customer service

Automated order progress updates. Reduce data capture. Optimise repetitive tasks. Customer portals.

Stock management

Automate tracking of stock movements, manufacturing, procurement, warehousing, delivery, etc.

How we work.

We employ a multifaceted approach to software that can transform the way you run your business.



Analysis of business needs, map current processes, identify solution that can offer tangible value, advise strategy based on best practices.

Capacity to grow

Modular Software Platform.

By providing the platform for both pre built and custom software modules we can construct the ideal solution to fit for your business.


Long Term Support.

Our solutions are provided via our high available cloud infrastructure, monitoring and support ensuring mission criticial systems are always operational.


Software solutions with proven results to help build your business.


Reduce cost.

Reduce time spent on laborious tasks like paperwork that brings about increased efficiency in operations.

Capacity to grow

Capacity to grow.

Automate repetitive tasks to increase capacity without the need to expand your workforce..


Improve customer service.

Automation can be useful in achieving promptness in service, value in delivery and enhanced communication to customers.

Capacity to grow


Works in the browser of your existing computer hardware. No additional software or servers to maintain.

An important competitive differentiator.

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute....


Of tasks can be automated


Return on investment


Of occupations can be optimised


Carefully crafted tools to help your team perform at superhuman levels.


Single sign on and permission management services for convenient and secure access to all modules with just one login.


Scale work, assign tasks, share work load, distribute work force, track progress and set process flow rules.


Remove bottlenecks and reduce time required to perform sensitive tasks with quick approval on the go.


Delight customers with beautifully crafted customer notifications automatically sent at exactly the right time.


Automate repetiive document preparation and data capturing. Generate professional PDF documents with just one click.


Document storage with search and infinate scaling ensures all documents are at your finger tips day or night.


Inter connection with populular cloud based systems such as Xero, Sage Accounting, etc.


Business knowledge management, context related guides, standard operating procedures and employee onboarding.


We are continually adding and expanding our library of modules so your team can perform at superhuman levels.

Cloud Platform

Highly available cloud platform for mission critical business applications.

  • Fault Tolerant.

    Fully replicated in multiple data centres, each running on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure.

  • Self Healing.

    Self aware cluster of servers always keeping a healthy quorum by automatically detecting and replacing faulty nodes within minutes.

  • Auto Scaling.

    Quickly responds to increased user demand by automatically growing the nodes of the server cluster and spreading the work load.

High Availability

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